Simple Steps to Online Pokies Success

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Online pokies are not only a high octane way to wager money in an entertaining way with the sort of online operator listed on but also a potentially profitable endeavour if you follow a very simple set of principles and guidelines. Although luck can have a major influence on the games you play, as with all aspects of online gaming, if you follow the basic steps outlined in this article, you’ll find that your bottom-line increases dramatically when playing online pokies.

Make the Right Choice: One of the most important decisions you need to make when playing online pokies is the type of game you’re going to play. Although there are certain variations, pokies come in two main forms, 3-reel and 5-reel, and which you choose to play will obviously depend mainly on your preference. However, there are also some statistical things you need to take account of: the odds and the jackpot amount.

Because there are fewer win combinations in a 3-reel game there is a greater chance for you to win a jackpot or bonus. In contrast, 5-reel games usually involve multiple win lines and therefore the chances of hitting a jackpot or bonus are higher because the requirements are stricter.

However, although it may be slightly easier to bag a bonus or jackpot in a 3-reel game, the amount you’ll win will be less. Because 5-reel games offer more combinations there is a greater chance that the progressive jackpot will be higher and, thus, when you hit one you’ll make a greater profit.

Manage Your Bankroll: Keeping a tight reign on your finances is a crucial part of any gambler’s arsenal because if you lose everything you’ll find yourself unable to play the game and make any money. With this in mind you should only risk a small piece of your bankroll, around 5%, during any one pokies session. Leading on from this, all your spins should therefore be made within the context of the amount you have to risk during a single session. Bankroll management is hugely important for any casino player, so please be careful of this.

Bet the Maximum: The final step in making more money from online pokies is to fully understand the payout table before you start playing. Knowledge is power when it comes to online gaming, and pokies is no different. When you look at the win table you’ll notice that it’s easier to win more when you play the maximum number of win lines.

For example, a combination pays out at 2,000:1 with a single coin bet, yet with a three coin bet the payout will increase to 2,665:1. Thus, you can see that you actually attract better odds, and can subsequently increase your EV, when you play more win lines.