Simple and Expert Tips for Online Craps

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As you enter a casino, you’ll find the biggest crowd hovering around the Craps tables. Craps is a total mystery to both beginners and pros as it’s all about the dice rolling and lady luck. As there’s zero skill factors involved, Craps is preferred by the general. For those who want to avoid all the cheering, drinks and distractions, there are top online casinos offering quality Craps games ensuring the highest pleasure.

Know Online Craps

Just like typical craps, the game involves a dealer, boxman, stockman and a side dealer. Stockman is the announcer, boxman overloads the table and side dealer observes the overall process.

Here are some helpful tips.

100% Luck

Craps is out and out, a game of luck. No one controls how the dice rolls.

Terms and instructions

Get familiar with the terms and instructions applied by the online casino you’re playing at. Many top online casinos have different rules and conditions.

Keep It Simple

Guidelines by the K.I.S.S handbook can help you a lot. Avoid the side bets and complex rules. Big payouts in exchange for great risks created by the greatly diminished odds are appealing, but, often come with the possibility of loss counting large amounts. And also, on average, the payments don’t make up for the risks taken.


Before hitting the tables, get well acquainted with different strategies that work for you. If you’re planning on making a specific side bet on a specific situation, wait for your chance and do it as the opportunity presents itself and be consistent.

Free Play

Some of the best online casinos offer free play opportunities for the beginners. Make the most of it and get used to the casino website and the game.

Good bets and Bad bets

Develop a clear concept on good bets and bad bets, learn how to distinguish between them and play accordingly.