Different types of roulette wheel and its mode of playing

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Online Roulette

From the very origin of human being, they have always tried to take risk and have tried their luck out. That is the reason that even getting failed multiple times, people don’t quite to their dream easily until they achieve it. But it takes a big heart to accept the defeat and still try again and again. In the same manner, people invented such games which could only be won with pure luck, involving greater level of risk for a person, which could either make a poor person rich or a rich person poor. The establishment of casinos was the starting point of man/women taking chances and trying their luck out. Casinos are the junction of many small games played in it. Some require skills and some require skills and luck while few require only luck.

Roulette and pokies are among those pure luck games. But when internet was made available, all these games went online as well which allowed the players to play from their home instead of covering a huge distance from their home and coming to casinos to try their luck. Playing online roulette has made many people attracted towards it. People played many other games online as well but few lovers of pokies preferred to play pokies offline that is on land-based slot machines. Below is a more described detail of getting experience of online roulette:

Online roulette – American roulette

The American version of online roulette has some of its own features. The very first difference is this that the wheel of American online roulette has thirty eight slots. These slots are numbered and are all arranged in sequence that is from one to two, then three and so on. Number starts from one and goes till thirty six. Remaining two digits are of two zero’s each which increases the chances for the player to lose the money betted on the online roulette.

Online roulette – European roulette

The European version is a bit easier than that of American version. European online roulette has thirty seven slots each numbered from one to thirty six, while one slot is numbered as zero. The arrangement of numbers is not in order and is jumbled. European version of online roulette is less risky as it has only one zero which slightly decreases that chances of the player to lose his/her entire amount.

How to play

The game of real and online roulette is very easy to understand. It’s all about betting on the right number. When the game is started, the player sets a bet on any number that is either an odd or an even number, on red or either red colored number, on a single number or group of number, as the player wants, he/she can place the bet. After that the wheel of roulette is spun. If the player wins then he/she gets the money other wise he/she loses the money if the bet is lost but still can try its luck on the next game as every game is of a single spun.